D N May Sports Management – providing first-class representation to sports athletes since 2015.


We aim to be Europe’s leading sports management organisation, built on our values and favoured by athletes for our synergy of hard work, determination and striving to continually be better each day.  

Mission Statement

“To secure the optimum for each and every athlete who shares their journey as a member of our family.” 


Family is paramount. We are a family seeded organisation. We believe that prior to any progressive agreement it has to be right not just for our athlete but their family too.

“The family that works together stays together.”

We believe every athlete should be given every opportunity to fulfill their potential, by listening to their needs and dreams, we cater to and manage all their corporate and external affairs. Thus leaving full-focus on our athletes to develop in training and excel in their sport. 
We put our words into action, we fully commit to our agreements and spoken words! When we say we will do something, we will fully commit. We do not make unrealistic targets and we are dedicated to following everything through to completion.

Building for the future

We will secure the finest financial and appropriate contracts for our athletes. We are a dedicated organisation built on values, however, we are also implicit to the reality that we have fair shared equity from our return on investment in order to grow, develop and build for everyone’s future.

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