We house brand-building, expert contract negotiation, sourcing commercial opportunities, access to PA’s, dieticians and expert personal trainers all under D N May Sports Management.

Our dedicated team of FA Registered Intermediaries manage D N May Sports client’s commercial interests for both current and potential sponsors. We also cover legal aspects, public relations, and social media teams. We liaise with domestic and national teams to maximize areas of potential both on and off the field.

Dwaine Maynard

Dane Rashford

  • Darryl Ombang
    Leeds United

  • Chantelle Boye-Hlorklah
    Aston Villa Women

  • Marcus Rashford
    Manchester United and England National

  • Lois Maynard
    Stockport County

  • Ethan Kachosa

Career Management

Wherever you are in your sporting career, we provide tailor made support and guidance, to accelerate your growth. We achieve this by negotiating club contracts, handling transfers (permanent and loans) and maintaining positive relationships. We represent you and your talent.


At D N May Sports Management, our strong business and marketing experience means that we are able to give invaluable advice to our clients on a range of commercial opportunities. We provide assistance with all types of image right deals to ensure that your commercial value is boosted whilst protecting your personal brand. With the client in mind, we devise a bespoke programme to increase commercial exposure through sponsorships, partnerships and endorsement deals. We work with high profile brands making sure that their needs match yours.

Social Media Management

With the rise in social media it is becoming increasingly more powerful than ever before. This is why it is important to have representatives like us that are able to take advantage of this platform and improve your public image. By keeping communication fresh, we will increase engagement between you and your fans.

Media and Privacy

We act on behalf of high profile clients who generate significant public attention and media interest, to manage their profile in the best possible way. We are able to manage your reputation even when crisis occurs. Working around the clock, our crisis management team act with urgency, to limit the negative impact of your brand and maintain your influence.

Player Wellbeing

We have a duty of care for all of our players and recognise the effect that wellbeing, physical and mental health and can have on daily life. Our team are committed to ensuring that you have the right support in place to help prevent and respond to any issues that you may have.

Specialist Advisors

We work closely alongside a team of third party advisors to bring you the best services. These include some of the top lawyers and financial advisors in the industry